1. What is RFID electronic seal facility for exports?

The Central Board of Excise & Customs has allowed exporters the facility of self-sealing containers at their own premises subject to the condition that they use electronic seals (circular number 36/2017 dated 28 Aug 2017). The mechanical bolt seal has been replaced with an RFID enabled bolt eseal.

2. What type of eseals is provided by ibTrack Solutions Pvt Ltd?

The specifications of seals to be used under the new self-sealing procedure have been prescribed under circular 36/2017 dated 28th August 2017. The specification of the seal reproduced below: “The RFID seal shall conform to ISO 17712:2013 (H) and ISO/IEC 18000-6 Class 1 Gen 2 which is globally accepted in industrial applications and can be read with the use of UHF (i.e. 860 MHz to 960 MHz) Reader-Scanners. The manufacturer or vendor, as the case may be, shall be in possession of certifications required for conformance of the ISO standard ISO 17712:2013 (H) namely, clauses 4, 5 and 6". Eseals provided by ibTrack Solutions Pvt Ltd meet the aforementioned specifications.

3. Can all exporters procure RFID eseals and stuff containers at their factory and warehouses?

Central Board of Excise and Customs(CBEC) has permitted automatic self-sealing facility to four categories of exporters:
• All Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs).
• All Exporters who were already enjoying self-sealing permission.
• All Exporters who have been availing the facility of sealing in the presence of a central excise officer.
• Status Holders recognized by DGFT holding a valid status holder certificate.
All other exporters are also eligible for this facility provided they seek permission from their jurisdictional customs office. An officer of the Customs Dept. will visit the exporter’s premises for verification as a part of the process of allowing permission for self-sealing. The Dept. has made a performance pledge to decide on your application for self-sealing within 15 days. We strongly urge all exporters to seek this permission and avail the facility of self-sealing. An Exporter shall be able avoid examination at CFS and straight away save thousands of rupees and time.

4. How do I start using ibtrack eseals for self-sealing?

Each seal comes with a laser engraved serial number as prescribed by the CBEC in the format IBTR-XXXX-XXXX, where X ranges from 0-9, which you will be uploading in the online shipping bill. IBtrack eform is enabled for you to upload shipment data as required by para 4(a) of the circular 36/2017. Our customized reader placed in Port/ICD gate will scan the seal and verify its authenticity by giving a message on the reader’s screen. To avail this highly automated system, you have to just register once on the www.ibtrack.net and provide your IEC number and other identifying particulars (please refer to para 2(e) of Circular 36/2017 dated 28.8.2017). The data you provide serves two purposes. Firstly, it is part of the security drill put in place by customs to ensure that exporters procure seals directly and “chain of custody” is visible. Secondly, the information accumulated at the time of registration enables you to use the web application with many of the required fields being auto-populated.

5. How do I buy ibTrack eseals?

The buyer will register in ibTrack eseal application. After registration, the buyer can login to the application and fill the required fields and enter the number of eseals he/she wants to order. Upon confirmation of the order, the buyer will receive an email in the registered email id with the Performa Invoice and NEFT transfer details.

6. How many eseals can I buy?

You have to place an order for the required quantity of e Seals. We suggest you plan for 2 or 3 months keeping in mind our monthly quantity of export.100% of the payment has to be made along with the PO.

7. How will I use the eseal to lock the container?

The eseals are designed like the conventional bolt seal (bottle seal) so as to give the same experience and ease of sealing a container, which your logistics team has been accustomed to. Just push the bolt into the cap.

8. How secure is the eseal?

The seal comes with a sophisticated anti-tamper technology and fully conforms to the technical specifications prescribed by CBEC. The readers to be supplied by us at all ports and ICDs will detect if the seal is tampered in any way. Our application is designed to also alert you on your mobile and email.

9. What will happen when the container reaches the Port gate/ ICD?

We are setting up RFID readers to ensure maximum security of your container and best possible gate access to ports and ICDs. ibTrack can also provide handheld readers at all Ports / ICDs. Upon arrival of the trailer, the seal will be scanned using our reader. The data on the seal will be uploaded in real time to our secure servers for an integrity check. Those containers whose seals are intact will receive Direct Port Entry (DPE), saving you costs and time associated with the container being taken through a CFS.

10. How will the eseal be delivered to me?

DTDC ®, one of the best courier firms in the business of express deliveries, is our logistics partner. They ensure that each of your orders is delivered to you anywhere in India as fast as possible and as securely as possible. Delivery charges applicable.

11. Can I also buy readers for use?

We have deployed specialized readers meant for use by Indian customs. You can procure readers from ibTrack and avail trailer tracking services. For any clarifications, please contact info@ibtrack.net.