RFID anti tamper bolt type seal is a container bolt seal that combines the necessary high security required with the electronic security offered by RFID. As per Circular No.36/2017-Customs, the ibTrack E-Seal conforms to ISO 17712.2013(H) and ISO/IEC 18000-6 Class 1 Gen 2 which is globally accepted in industrial applications and can be read with the use of UHF(i.e 860 MHz to 960 MHz) Reader / Scanners.


• E Seals is a tool to make sure security of cargo and traceability. It is being often used World over to conform to WCO - AEO requirements.

• E seal is used to secure cargo on Intermodal transport including containers, trailers, rail cars, air cargo and other containers.

• E seals reduce risk of pilferage and theft. E Seal helps find containers that have been tampered in a discreet manner, reduces time taken now for manual inspection procedures.

• E seals are tamper proof. In the event of any tampering, a tampering notification will be displayed immediately.

• E-seals can speed shipments through the supply chain and increase visibility.

• Ensures safety of cargo to consignees.